• Green Roofs

    A buffer against rainwater and adds a touch of colour to your roof. Sustainable roofs are the future in cities and towns. It makes sense because there are many advantages. Green roofs are not only more attractive, they also filter the air, insulate better and absorb rainwater.

    Advantages of Green Roofs

    • Green Roofs filter the fine particles out of the air and neutralise carbon dioxide.
    • Green roofs are an excellent insulation material. In cold weather they keep the heat in, thus ensuring that central heating requirements are lower. In hot weather they are heat resistant and keep the heat out of the building.
    • Green roofs are soundproof.
    • Green roofs are waterproof. They absorb rainwater and ensure that water enters the drains evenly, an ideal situation in cities where sewers often struggle to cope with heavy rainfall.
    • Green roofs attract birds and insects which are so important to a more natural environment.
    • Green roofs make roofs more sustainable.

    Our testimonials testify to the fact that we are ideal partners in these complex projects.

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    In 2017, HD installed a total of 1M m2 of roofs in NL, B & the UK


    Below you will find some videos that visualize HD and complexity of the completed projects.