• Roofs

    Our core business is newbuild and the renovation of roofs. We earned our reputation by building large, complex roofs both for buildings for various industries as well as for private homes.

    High production
    Because of our extensive experience in market leading projects, HD can utilise the most efficient methods of construction and we can install up to 2000msq of roofing per day.

    Multifunctional roofs
    Our clients come to us because of our knowledge and skill with multifunctional roofs.

    Our continual innovation in roofs that are multifunctional ensures that we can guarantee that our roofs are futureproof. Roofs such as energy providing roofs, green roofs and multifunctional roofs that are guaranteed to last.

    We are superbly equipped to work on projects that have extremely high security standards, for example for penitentiaries, airports, the petrochemical industry etc. Security and health and safety are rooted in our company.

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    In 2017, HD installed a total of 1M m2 of roofs in NL, B & the UK


    Below you will find some videos that visualize HD and complexity of the completed projects.