• We guarantee you great service

    HD is committed to professional service. We have around 10 vehicles that travel the length & breadth of the Netherlands to deal with leaks, large and small issues concerning regulations, warranty work and inspections every day. HD is a national company and strives to respond to and deal with any leaks within hours of them being reported. Our service department and maintenance department work hand in hand.

    Leak Detection

    HD is able to confirm the presence of leaks by the following methods:

    • Inspections through monitoring
    • Inspections by means of smoke tests
    • Inspections by means of dye tests

    In addition to using the best products when dealing with leakages, we also need to use the best roofers with the right skills who can find and solve the most challenging leaks. HD employs the best roofers in the country.

    For this reason, HD only employs roofers who have had dozens of years of experience. It is easier to find a problem in the roof than a construction issue in the distribution centre. This is why we can guarantee the solution to any problem and deliver consistent quality.

    Regulatory work
    The service department can deal with and repair to regulatory standards the following:

    • Replacing rainwater pipes and storm drains
    • Renewal of border strips
    • Delivery and installation of ventilation pipes
    • Delivery and installation of rooflights and skylights
    • Repairing or renewing flashing
    • Delivery and installation of permanent fall protection systems
    • Installing roof walkways

    Please contact us during office hours from Monday to Friday via email ….. or by telephone….


    Email address : service@hollanddak.nl
    Phone : +31 416 – 369 136
    Phone (direct) : +31 416 – 369 144


In 2017, HD installed a total of 1M m2 of roofs in NL, B & the UK


Below you will find some videos that visualize HD and complexity of the completed projects.