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    There is no such thing as a maintenance-free roof

    Over the last four years uur focus at HD is on easing the burden of any questions that our clients might have about planned roof maintenance. It is not just about the balance of price versus quality, but is particularly about good communication.

    Thanks to our clear and open lines of communication which our clients appreciate enormously, our maintenance portfolio has increased from 500.000m2 in 2013 to 2.500.000m2 in 2017. As a consequence, we have also expanded our client base to include prominent real estate developers, care institutions, education institutions and real estate management organisations.

    Roof maintenance is bespoke
    Because each roof is different and therefore its maintenance is bespoke, our roof maintenance contracts are never set up without the roofs undergoing condition tests. These condition tests are always carried out by certified HD inspectors and cover the life of the roof, its quality, size and construction as well as the environmental factors and are part of the tender process. Moreover, we take photographs all the way through the process for both our clients and ourselves. These condition tests are offered free of charge. Please feel free to make an appointment with the HD roof inspector for a condition test of your roof.

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    Inspections according to NEN-2767
    HD follows the regulations of NEN-2767 for its inspection reports. All roofs are inspected by inspectors who have been trained by the BDA. The central tenet of this type of inspection is that the client is informed about the lifespan of all the parts of the roof. As a result of this, the owner / user / investor can make an informed decision about the future costs that can ensue for maintenance and roofing construction.

    As part of our communication strategy, we provide full inspection reports with clear notations concerning the roof as it stands as well as our conclusions on the lifespan of the constructions of the roof. The photographs provide further information to our clients on the conditions of the roof and the works that may need to be done.

    Click here to see a typical inspection report.

    Our maintenance partners
    HD works with various recommended partners in the construction industry. We have chosen our partners carefully to ensure a continued high quality delivery of products that are integral to the roofing industry but which are not part of HD’s expertise. We have developed a network of trusted partners whose quality and service we can guarantee. Our maintenance department works with the following companies / organisations:

    • Roof Safety: Eurosafe Solutions
    • Roof Gardens: Hoveniersbedrijk Koninklijke Ginkel Group
    • Roof Gardens: Binder Groenprojecten

    The rapid growth of the maintenance department at HD has come about since HD offered clients such as prominent real estate developers, care institutions, education institutions and real estate management organisations the opportunity to purchase large scale roof maintenance. By creating economies of scale for maintenance, we are saving our clients considerable outlay which thus considerably improves the return on the property investment. In addition, the real estate itself keeps its value, which positively impacts the indirect return on investment.

    Action Plan
    HD can offer a comprehensive solution for the planned maintenance of your property portfolio. This comprehensive action plan is set up from the outset so that all the properties can be discussed in depth. This action plan covers everything that needs to be worked on, as well as the presence, or lack of, of safety systems, the requirements for additional services (such as containers or cherry pickers) and the prices for all these services. Alongside this, you will receive an another comprehensive report on how to report leakages, our reaction times, our costs and who to contact.

    Meet HD
    In short, there are plenty of reasons to make your acquaintance with the service and maintenance departments at HD. We would be delighted to discuss your needs and whether HD can be of service to you.


    Email: onderhoud@hollanddak.nl
    Phone: +31 416 – 369 152

    Example inspectierapportage
    Example onderhoudsovereenkomst

    Inspectierapportage conform NEN27-67


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In 2017, HD installed a total of 1M m2 of roofs in NL, B & the UK


Below you will find some videos that visualize HD and complexity of the completed projects.